Saturday, January 5, 2013

More quick sketches and first portrait painting.

Here are some ten minute sketches I did at a workshop today. It was one of the fashion workshops at my school. I usually go to the illustration and fine arts workshops we have, but I wanted to try a workshop on Tuesday nights. Not as great as the illustration and fine arts ones, but it's good enough. Oh and another big reason I went is because all the cute girls at my schools are fashion majors haha.

This painting drove me nuts!!! I'm pretty new to painting and this was my first true portrait using oils. Took me like three weeks and seven or eight workshops just to get it to this level. Yeah I'm slow as heck. Quite frustrating, but I'm anxious to get better!!! I didn't have time to do the details in her jacket and she still looks too tan...almost sun burnt!

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